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Rap Sheets - Your Story - Our Sound - 1 Minute or less

Johnny On Da Spot! - Producer

We Create Your Theme Song

Tell your story in a unique way by sharing your rap sheet with the world.

Fresh And Positive Messaging

We write a personal jingle that represents you, someone special, your brand, product, or service. People remember rhythm and sound more than anything else. We only keep it positive in here!

Mr. E.Green - Songwriter

Rap Sheets Volume 1 Sold Out

Worldwide Release

Get your RapSheet distributed on our RapSheet albums alongside other major brands. Listen to it anywhere, anytime, and show it off. Subject to release date of 3-4 weeks once album volume is complete.

Simple Process

  • Submit your information
  • Select your style
  • Give us the 411 on what you want your RapSheet to be about
  • Allow up to 7 business days and Booyah!

Social Currency

Give them something to talk about. Add your RapSheet to your videos on social media and share.



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We are selling jingles. We don't sell you the rights to the music on the jingle because the music is owned by Rap Sheets.

The only right you get is the right to use it on a video, social media or on your website. You cannot use it for profit and make lots of money. If you do want to use the jingle in a paid commercial, tv/film, video game, etc. that's okay but we need to sign a different agreement for that.

Check out our FAQS to learn more about the different agreements to consider for your needs.

When you purchase a Standard Rap Sheet you agree to a standard agreement which basically says, you can use the jingle on your videos and social media. You just can't make money from it. Please review the standard agreement.

Reach out to info@rapsheets.us if you would like a different agreement, custom or a longer project.

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Standard Rap Sheet
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Looking for more Personalization.

The musicians of Rap Sheets understand music. We have over 15 years or experience and are glad to help with your next project. Need music for a scene, movie, brand, event, etc. Drop your details in the form and we will get back to you!

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